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bullet 12/24/2001

     Now if you have yahoo messenger, you can see if I'm online, and talk to me.


     More news and a really good news, thanks to all of you this website has been awarded again, I'm really happy because this is one of the best presents for this Christmas. 



     Hi everybody, just to let you know that I just got this items for this website, and that this website is listed on the "Melissa's Joan Hart Top sites", and again please if you like this website don't forget to vote for it.  Also if you click refresh in your browser you will see a different Quote or just click "Random Quote" below here.  Right now I'm working in new features for this website.  Thanks.


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     Hi Everyone that visits my website, just to let you know that I decided to make a yahoo group.  If you want to become a member just put your email address in the box below. You are free to post pictures or if you have any idea just sent us an email to the group email address.  

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  Thanks to all of you this website has been awarded with the "All Melissa Award"  a really cool Award.  Please visit the website.  Thanks to all of you.   

   Also I posted some new pictures from the movie "Drive me crazy" I hope you like them, because it was hard to get them.  You can find them in My photo gallery.  


Please if you like this website, I will appreciate if you vote for it.  Thanks.

Si te gusta este website, por favor vota por este.  Gracias.



      I'm still working in the picture area but hopefully it will be done soon.

     Also if you have a website and will you like to add my banner on it please send me an email or get it from below here.  thanks.


and the link is:





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