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Welcome to my Web site!

 Full name: Melissa Joan Catherine Hart

  Birthday: 18th April 1976 

  Hometowns) and current residence: New Jersey, L.A, N.Y.

  Height: 5'ft 2 inches.

  Weight: Unknown

  Hair: Blonde

  EYES: Green/Blue

  Melissa grew up in Sayville, New York.
  Her acting career started at the age of 4,when
  She did a commercial for a bath toy called "Splashy"
  Her mother, Paula, has been her agent from the beginning.
  Melissa has six younger sisters, Trisha, Elizabeth, Emily,
  Alexandra, Samantha, Mackenzie and one younger brother, Brian.
  Elizabeth, Emily and Brian have appeared on Melissa's
  current TV series, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".

  Melissa cites Shirley Temple and Audrey Hepburn as early acting inspirations.
  She still collects Shirley Temple memorabilia.
  For the past few years, she has been juggling acting and attending New York University.
  She's now living in the Los Angeles area, starring in the ABC TV series,
  "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" 
  which is produced by Hartbreak Films,
  the production company run by her and her mother.

  Daughter of Paula Hart and William Hart, a lobster wholesaler

  Has sung on two rock/pop albums, "This Is What 'NA NA' Means" (1994),
  and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: The Album" (1998),
  and narrated a classical album for children, "Peter and the Wolf" (1994).

  Small role in Crocodile Dundee (1986) was cut from the film.

  Was born at 1:30 p.m. on Easter Sunday.

  Has a "lazy eyelid" that causes her right eye not to open as wide as her left.

  Was born without the teeth to either side of her two front teeth,
  a condition that was "fixed" in 1993.

  Is vice-president of Hartbreak Films,
  a production company she runs with her mother, Paula Hart,
  and step-father, Leslie Williams.

  Auditioned for the title role in Lolita (1997).

  Full name is Melissa Joan Catherine Hart:
  "Melissa" from the Allman Brothers song, "Joan" from her maternal grandmother,
  "Catherine" is the name she chose herself as her confirmation name.

  Wears a navel ring.

  Enjoys snowboarding.

  Hobby: collects paintings; owns 3 Picassos

  Plays in the clip "crazy" from Spears, 'Britney.

  Has a cross tattoo on the back of her neck.

  Melissa's 13 year old sister, Emily, provides the voice for the
  Saturday morning "Sabrina" cartoon series,
  which was spun off from Melissa's hit show.

  Has attended New York University via correspondence courses since January 1994.
  She is pursuing a BA in a combination of art and literature classes,
  but put her studies on hold for 1 year due to her hectic filming schedules.

  Auditioned for a role in Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

  (2000) Dating actor Bryan Kirkwood.

  ABC TV Series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
  moved to WB for 5th season (2000)

  According to her witches license, she's 5'4" and weighs 105 lbs.
  In real life she's 5'2".

  Apparently according to several little known sources she smokes

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